Restaurants: Space and Time

Feb 28, 2022

by Shane O’BrienCulinary Consultant


Have you ever looked at your watch and thought, I wish I had more time? Good, we got your attention. As operators, we often believe that “time” is public enemy number one.

  • Not enough hours in the day.
  • Not enough labor hours.
  • Not enough hours for production.

restaurant manager

What would it be like if it was easier?

While “mastering time” is something that most people will spend their life pursuing, there are ways to bend space and time using physical tools in the form of kitchen/restaurant equipment.

Allow us to introduce you to the future.

The Hot-Fridge

Unox, an Italian oven manufacturer, has developed technology that does just that. The Evereo, is a “hot-fridge,” or a hot holding platform. In short, it allows operators to go straight from cooking to holding for a long time. A lot longer than your typical hot holding shelf life.

Unox Evereo
Unox Evereo “Hot Fridge”


We usually cook something, cool it down, and store it. Only to heat up again to use it. The technology that the Evereo uses allows the operator to cook and hold, thus completely bypassing the cooling step.

Currently, you may have to cook rice every day. Imagine if you only had to cook it twice a week?

This technology has food safety built-in and has the best in the business, ensuring that your product maintains integrity beyond your expectations. This technology is currently being utilized widely in Europe and is beginning to break into the American market.

Next time you look at your watch, ask yourself, What would it be like if it were easier?

Synergy has witnessed the viability of this equipment and would be happy to connect you for a demo.