Restaurant Operations
Sales Optimization

Capture more dollars per guest by partnering with experienced food service consultants

Unlock new revenue streams, increase table turns, speed transaction times and improve guest satisfaction. We’ll show you how.

Operators often pay close attention to their bottom line but struggle to increase top-line sales in a competitive market. We’ll identify untapped opportunities to help you maximize every guest transaction and deliver memorable dining experiences.

Applying an innovative spin to proven solutions, our seasoned food service consultants partner with your team to create executable strategies that drive sales and guest frequency. Menu optimization, new revenue streams and targeted marketing initiatives can drive guest count, entice them to order more profitable menu items and keep them coming back.

Sales Optimization Strategies & Support

Intelligent sales optimization tools and techniques that make sense
for your concept.

Seize Easy Wins

Simple corrections to missed sales opportunities can begin to boost revenue almost immediately. Strategic menu engineering and staff upsell training brings more dollars through the door right away.

Tap New Revenue Streams

Generate new revenue streams by matching current dining trends. Implementing a catering program, upgrading your delivery capabilities or developing signature products for off-premises sales can enhance your brand and improve your bottom line.

Operationalize New Ideas

We integrate your current operations and business objectives, taking a holistic approach to increase revenue. Our food service consultants  stay by your side throughout implementation, offering support and guidance as you translate fresh concepts into concrete processes.

Client Success Story

Harbor Grill Operations and Marketing Assessment