Restaurant Technology in an Ever-Evolving Ecosystem

Apr 21, 2021

By: Jarrod DellaChiesa, Technology and Operations Consultant


If there’s one thing in common with restaurants of all shapes and sizes in our current world, it’s the need to remain nimble and the ability to react quickly to restrictions, policy changes, and guest preferences. Restaurants rely heavily on technology these days, so it’s more important now than ever that your technology stack can adapt to an ever-changing ecosystem without significant costs, rebuilding entire systems, and sucking up resources.


The center of your restaurant’s technology system is the POS system. It’s the source of all data and the primary system that your employees interact with as they take care of your guest’s needs. Having a POS system that seamlessly integrates with many 3rd party applications and built-in modules that can be added onto as needed is essential. This allows for a seamless, streamlined experience for guests when it comes to online ordering, participating in loyalty programs, redeeming gift cards, and the like. Having the ability to add QR code ordering, contactless curbside pickup, and processing contactless payments are features few restaurants had on their radar before last year but were able to be achieved quickly by those with a flexible ecosystem.


POS system


Employee scheduling, labor enforcement, payroll, HRIS, e-learning, food costing, ordering, and inventory also rely heavily on technology these days, but because they are often rolled out by different departments, implementing these solutions often means having as many as twelve logins and systems to manage. It’s entirely possible to implement a systems package that accomplishes all POS, HR, accounting, and F&B needs with only a few logins and fully integrated across the board. This not only saves resources, but it eliminates many typical frustrations and uses your data to the fullest – allowing you to understand your business in ways never possible before.


Need help getting set up for success and creating a custom technology stack with unlimited potential? Please contact Synergy and schedule a call with Jarrod. Jarrod brings a unique and refreshing perspective to restaurant technology, always keeping in mind the end-user, whether the Guest, a cashier, or management. His passion is providing clients with cost-effective, integrated, and easy-to-use systems that simply work the way they should.