Sales Optimization
Catering Program Development

Tap your concept’s full potential with full-scope catering consulting

Increasing revenue through take-out, delivery and catering is the key to restaurant profitability. Lucrative opportunities exist beyond your four walls. We’ll help you access them and achieve greater profitability.

Lock in customer loyalty and capture more dollars with a strategically developed catering and off-premise sales program. Our expert catering consultants take a holistic approach to your program, developing must-have menu options, implementing operational efficiencies and helping you launch intelligent marketing campaigns that maximize sales and minimize expenses. We’ll help you launch, scale or upgrade your catering program using proven tactics that work seamlessly with your current operations.

End-to-End Off-Premise and Catering Consulting from the Experts

Enhance every aspect of your off-premises program, quickly and cost-effectively.

Increase Profits

Open an entirely new revenue stream or increase profit margin on your existing catering program. Our catering consulting team shows you how strategic menu engineering, targeted marketing campaigns and operational changes can improve ROI.

Improve Efficiency

Make sure your off-premise operations run as tightly as your stores. We’ll show you what’s working well and where upgrades to operations, logistics and tech will make your take-out, delivery and catering programs more efficient and financially rewarding.

Build Customer Loyalty

Catering programs let you serve your best customers the items they crave while introducing your menu to an entirely new set of guests. Delicious dishes and warm hospitality increase the chances that your restaurant is top-of-mind when customers are planning their next event.

Client Success Story

Arooga’s Grille House and Sports Bar Sales Optimization