restaurant wait times

There are multiple facets in a restaurant that can either decrease or increase efficiency. When we think from a consumer’s perspective, food should be received as described and promptly. Wait time is a large factor when people are making their dining choices. In just a few clicks, people can even check live wait times at certain … Continue reading Is Wait Time a Problem for your Restaurant? Check your Efficiency

millennial food trends

We often speak about trends among the Millennials. It’s hard to ignore this segment—after all, this is a generation that is 75 million strong in America. By 2019, Millennials are expected to outnumber Baby Boomers. Restaurant operators need to take particular care to attract and sustain this important cohort. Millennials are driving dining trends including the growing … Continue reading Attracting Millennials: Technology Should be a Part of your Strategy

Restaurant Design Strategy

Do you think the music you hear, aromas you smell and lighting you experience in a restaurant matters? And if so how much does it matter? I am always surprised that so many restaurant operators don’t appreciate the importance and value in these critical sensory opportunities to improve the overall guest experience. I am also … Continue reading Tricks To Create a Great Sensory Experience

Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Synergy Expands Capabilities with the Addition of Bruce MacDiarmid to the Team Synergy Restaurant Consultants is expanding their reach into new high-growth strategic opportunities through a valued partnership with noted industry veteran, Bruce MacDiarmid. “We are thrilled to have Bruce part of our team as we share a common vision of helping and inspiring others … Continue reading Industry Veteran Bruce MacDiarmid Joins Synergy Restaurant Consultants

18 October
Impossible Burger

When you think of a delicious and juicy hamburger, several components need to be spot on—fresh vegetables, delicious bread, and first and foremost, a delicious patty (preferably a hand-pattied blend of beef). The star is certainly the meat—but what if there is no meat? Can a non-meat burger still be craveable and sought-out by consumers? … Continue reading Burger Wars: Beef versus Plants

8 October

Cooking Tech: Thermomix

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Restaurant Technology

When visiting the Culinary Institute of America for a Fellows Event, I experienced a cooking technology that impressed me. A company called Vorwerk showcased their product, Thermomix—a hugely popular product overseas. Thermomix is an amazing piece of equipment, often found in the best restaurants in the world. I was amazed at its capabilities. So what … Continue reading Cooking Tech: Thermomix

30 August
Restaurant Snacks

Snacks—it’s not just bagged chips or veggies and dip. According to Technomic’s 2018 Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report, 39 percent of consumers changed their idea of snacks in the last two years. Moreover, the Millennial and Gen Z cohort are increasingly replacing meals with snacks.   As restaurants struggle to find new revenue streams to combat … Continue reading Snacking Drives More Traffic and Sales