The Latest in Food Delivery News

Apr 30, 2024

UberEats New Features

Uber Eats is rolling out a new short-form video feed to showcase dishes from its million merchants, mirroring platforms like TikTok and Snapchat. The feature, currently being tested in select cities, aims to replicate the in-person restaurant experience and encourage customers to try new foods by allowing them to see cooks prepare them. Additionally, Uber is revamping its management software and launching a new app to support merchants’ productivity and growth on the platform.


Domino’s Pizza Tipping Promo

Domino’s Pizza is showing its appreciation for your support with the  “You Tip, We Tip” promotion.  When you tip your delivery driver $3 or more, Domino’s will tip you back with a $3 coupon for your next online delivery order.   It’s a way for Domino’s to say ‘thank you’ for valuing our hard-working delivery drivers.  This initiative also recognizes the tipping culture that’s so prevalent in today’s service industry.  Previously, Comino’s ran a similar promotion called “Carryout Tips’ for online carryout orders.


Delivery Driver Minimum Wage in Seattle

Seattle City Council is considering CB 120775, which revises parts of the PayUp bill to establish labor standards for app-based workers. Advocates argue that the proposed ordinance could harm gig workers by potentially returning them to sub-minimum wages. Concerns revolve around customer fees imposed by delivery companies, with DoorDash reporting a decrease in orders and advocating for changes to the current law. However, critics like Danielle Alvarado of Working Washington call for transparency regarding data on customer fees and express concerns about the lack of transparency in CB 120775. The ordinance’s potential impacts extend beyond the gig economy, prompting discussions on worker treatment in various sectors. This has sparked controversy as customers avoid ordering delivery amid concerns over gig workers’ pay.