Concept Innovation
Brand Positioning & Brand Refresh

Clear restaurant brand positioning builds stronger customer connections

Break through the noise to become a favorite destination for your customers and a beloved part of your community.

Developing a distinctive brand differentiator and delivering an emotional experience leads to your restaurant playing a more important role in your customers’ daily lives. From mobile orders to the on-site dining experience, everything you do should reflect who you are as a company.

Our collaborative process zeros in on your concept’s strengths and brand values to create a strong positioning statement that resonates with customers and informs your actions as a business. We help you develop a brand position for your restaurant that stands out.

Restaurant Brand Positioning Services

Work with our experts to define and articulate who you are as an organization and what you stand for.

  • Brand Discovery (Setting Your Vision, Articulating Your Values, Defining Your Culture)
  • Brand Strategy (Positioning, Brand Story, Naming Systems)
  • Brand Repositioning
  • Restaurant Brand Refresh

Align Internal Teams

Make sure your teams are working toward the same goal. Our restaurant brand positioning experts collect input from stakeholders at every level to create a framework that helps staff make more confident, intelligent decisions.

Re-Energize a Fatigued Brand

We’ll help you identify overlooked opportunities that reinforce your unique point of difference. By taking the entire cycle of the guest experience into account, we’ll update your messaging and behavior work to connect with modern customers.

Know Your Customers Better

Dig below the surface to understand who your customers are, what they really want, and why it matters. Uncovering this information will equip you with valuable insight to make decisions that resonate with your customers and positively impact sales.


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Client Success Story

Uno’s Pizzeria & Grill Brand Refresh and Prototype Development