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Our entire restaurant consulting firm is here to help you enhance the trajectory and profitability of your business

We share your goal: to strengthen your future by achieving operational excellence and financial improvements.

Inspired by outcomes.

All our work is funneled toward creating a successful finished product, whether it’s a one-of-a-kind meal or a food service organization operating at peak efficiency. Our distinct passion for food inspires every aspect of our consulting practice. It truly takes a group of individuals working in sync to bring inspired cuisine to life. Every person at every stage in our restaurant consulting firm applies their unique strengths and important perspective to generate stronger results for our clients. We don’t call it teamwork. We call it Synergy.

Blazing new trails in food service for 30+ years.

Our founders and current managing partners, Danny Bendas and Dean Small, have played a central role in evolving food and beverage into the industry we know today. By designing practical solutions gained from early culinary experience cooking for discerning clientele at renowned restaurants, Dean and Danny developed innovative strategies and tools that have become widely accepted as industry best practices. Now, as sought-after restaurant consultants, they continue to elevate industry standards, applying innovation and insight to create proven strategies that help food service organizations of all sizes stay sharp.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Your professional and straightforward comments were invaluable.
Dean Small and his team were able to give us new insight into operational dynamics and service models.
Restaurant consultants with a “can-do attitude” able to navigate any environment.
Synergy helped us complete this in 6 very short weeks with a talented team of experts.
Synergy remains a trusted consulting partner to Toppers Pizza due to our excellent experience.
We appreciated Synergy’s diligence and attention to detail on this important project.