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Concept Development & Restaurant Startups

Start off strong with expert restaurant concept development support

Collaborate with our team of experienced industry veterans to establish a bright future for your new venture.

Developing a new restaurant concept is exciting but lack of clarity will undermine your chances of success. We’ll help you mitigate costly mistakes by taking a meticulous approach to refining and expanding upon your vision. Using our proven 8-week process for new restaurant concept development, we work by your side to deliver a clear operations strategy and a restaurant business plan rooted in realistic financial goals and objectives.

Whether you’re developing a scalable concept for growth or a single-unit operation, our team of experts tap their industry experience to help you define your restaurant—its check averages, dayparts, menu innovation, target market and more. Synergy will provide research-driven insight and action plans to support each of your decisions, shaping the big picture and operational requirements you’ll need to bring your vision to life.

Restaurant Concept Development & Startup Services

Expert tools and strategies to ensure a smooth transition from idea to execution.

Fill Gaps in the Market

Evaluate how your ideas fit into the overall marketplace and identify areas where you can serve an unmet need. Innovative menu offerings, eye-catching brand design and a clear brand position add up to a must-have guest experience.

Demonstrate Feasibility

Strengthen the chances of your restaurant securing a successful spot in the market by evaluating your concept from all perspectives before launch. Obtain useful documentation to share with partners, investors and boards of directors demonstrating the strength of your idea.

Launch with Best Practices

Don’t waste time and resources figuring out what works after you’ve opened your doors. Set yourself up for long-term success by instilling operational, staffing, service and management best practices from day one.

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