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Whether you’re in the exploratory phase or already up and running, achieving success in the food service industry requires a careful balancing act of controlling costs, boosting sales and staying relevant to changing consumer tastes. Theoretical solutions may offer inspiration but end up wasting resources without improving your balance sheet.

As former restaurant owners and operators, our seasoned restaurant consultants know exactly what you’re going through because we’ve been there ourselves. Using your goals as our guide, we objectively evaluate where you currently stand and provide a clear set of evidence-based modifications – or radical changes – to improve your productivity and increase your profits.

Operations Assessment

Let us delve into your concept and we’ll give you an achievable plan to increase revenue and consistent execution.

1. Establish Goals

We conduct a kickoff meeting to understand your business' needs, goals and challenges. Learning where you want to go informs our plan to help you get there.

2. Immersion

We review your standard operating materials, sales mix, recipes, profit and loss statements, sales channels and guest reviews (online and in-house) to understand your current operating standards.

3. Site Visit

We conduct a site visit to observe front- and back-of-house procedures and how they relate to your defined standards. After reviewing the competitive market to understand how your business fits into the local landscape, we assess your guest experience, taking a look “under the hood” to determine underlying challenges and roadblocks to your success.

4. Define a Strategy

Upon the conclusion of our visit, we provide a debrief of initial findings, discussing proven strategies to improve your operations and overall performance.

5. Your Plan of Action

We create a detailed road map specifically for your organization, identifying both challenges and actionable steps for improvement and efficiency. Together, we review your report and determine how to implement the recommended changes.

New Concept Development

In eight short weeks, we’ll provide you with tools and a documented development strategy to help you raise capital, negotiate favorable lease terms, and make your new venture a success.

1. Project Alignment

We begin by discussing your vision and ideas for the concept—including menu design, service model, desired launch location and decor direction—as well as your needs, budget and timeline.

2. Research

We then create a strategic list of competitive concepts to analyze on a Discovery Tour in either your home market or a saturated competitive market.

3. Discovery Tour

Together, we’ll spend a designated number of days on the Discovery Tour surveying the market and analyzing each concept. From ticket times to tableware, our detailed and collaborative process will illustrate best practices and failures. At this stage, we begin to understand unmet customer needs while also identifying new opportunities in the market.

4. Strategy

In an all-day brand positioning session, our restaurant consultants distill insights and ideas from the tour while brainstorming your concept’s look and feel. Together, we’ll formulate strategies ranging from the menu shell and pricing to equipment needs and space requirements.

5. Documentation

We develop and present you with comprehensive documentation that you’ll use to bring your concept to life.

Each New Concept Development Project Includes:

Concept Book

Rich with imagery, your concept book will outline your food and beverage strategy, facility direction, service approach, business goals, narrative journey of the guest and other details that differentiate your concept.

Financial Model

A clear, comprehensive roadmap to determine the financial feasibility of the concept, with a capital budget plan, breakeven analysis, real equipment costs based on your concept requirements and other key considerations for profitability.

Business Plan

Based upon the Concept Book and Financial Model, your business plan outlines the market opportunity, brand culture, marketing framework, long-term growth plan and other crucial information for operating a viable business.

Space Plan

A prototypical drawing with front and back-of-house space allocations and the number of desired seats which will help determine suitable site locations and can assist with lease

Sales Pitch Materials

On an as-needed basis, we create a sales-focused PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the above documentation for investors and landlords.

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