Restaurant Operations

Work with a seasoned restaurant operations consultant who brings real-world experience to the table

Practical, proven solutions from consultants who understand
the operations challenges of today’s restaurants.

The restaurant industry can be very exciting, uplifting and financially rewarding – if you operate your business model efficiently. High labor costs, frequent staff turnover and rising COGS squeeze margins as shifting consumer trends make staying relevant a constant challenge. By pooling the collective experience of experts who have worked with successful national and regional chains, we collaborate closely with your team to provide insights and strategies to improve performance and sustain growth.

Whether you are looking to grow your independent business or turn around an under-performing venture, your restaurant operations consultant should provide more than ideas that work well on paper. You deserve a partner who understands the challenges faced by management and front line workers who will develop solutions that work at the unit level.

Menu Innovation

Our team of culinary experts helps you develop craveable, cost-effective menu selections that attract attention and increase sales.

Operations Optimization

Uncover potential efficiencies, cost savings opportunities and front- and back-of-house management improvements that elevate profits.

Sales Optimization

Let us show you areas where your organization can increase top-line sales, then help you put an achievable plan into action.

Team Development

Bring your staff to the top of their game. Engaging, expert-led training and team building elevates their knowledge and re-ignites their enthusiasm and productivity.

Who We Serve

Full-service planning, consulting and execution across the hospitality industry.

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Dunkin Donuts Brand Evolution