Who We Serve
Independent Operators

We help you work on your restaurant, so you don't have to work in it

Our expert consultants will show you how to bring performance in line with your potential and stated goals.

We have been privileged to work with some of the most successful national and regional chains in the foodservice industry. We apply this expertise to help independent operators confidently reach the next level. Stabilizing a single-unit operation or turning around a struggling chain requires a combination of creative culinary skills, operational expertise, smart financial and marketing strategies, along with focused restaurant leadership.

After a thorough diagnostic assessment of your organization, we identify the elements that are holding your business back from peak financial performance. By connecting the dots between current and future operating systems, cost controls, food quality, price/value relationships and more, we collaborate with you to create a detailed action plan to improve efficiency and maximize your profitability.

Who We Serve

  • Quick Service
  • Ghost Kitchens
  • Fast Casual
  • Full Service
  • Multi-Unit Operators

We’ll help you overcome the barriers to success


Not Enough Time

All your energy is consumed by running your business and putting out fires. You’re so focused on the day-to-day, there’s never a chance to think strategically or consider whether you’re able to meet the goals you envisioned in your restaurant business plan.


An Experienced Partner

Our accomplished consultants know what works. We collaborate with you to see your brand’s big picture and outline the exact steps you should take to achieve it.


Limited Profitability

COGS and labor are squeezing your margins. Profits are stuck and you’re not sure where additional investment will yield the biggest returns.


Proven Strategies

From optimizing your menu to streamlining operations to expanding catering & delivery services, we’ll show you how to cut costs and unlock new revenue streams.


Mediocre Guest Experience

Lackluster online reviews and other customer feedback indicate that your customers expect more from your business but aren’t getting it.


Re-Energize Your Teams

Train your teams to deliver superior hospitality and drive sales. We offer management coaching and team building activities that increase check averages and make your guests feel more welcome.

Client Success Story

Harbor Grill Operations and Marketing Assessment