Spice up Your Beverage Offering with Tea and Coffee Cocktails

Nov 13, 2014

When you think of cocktails, you may conjure up images of margaritas, martinis, Bloody Marys and Mai Tais. But a newer trend is bringing the spotlight back to some other familiar faces. Combining coffee with alcohol has produced plenty of delicious cocktails concoction in the past (White Russian, anyone?). Tea has also been a staple in famous drinks such as the bourbon iced tea. Now, there are newer, more inventive ways to showcase coffee and tea in cocktails.


If you ever wondered how you can jazz up your cocktail menu to entice guests and garner more sales (especially toward the Millennial crowd), here’s some inspiration for you! The varying flavor profile combinations you can achieve by mixing and matching different types of brewed teas and coffees will only be limited to your imagination.


Check out these exciting coffee and tea based cocktails to get your creative juices flowing:

  •  BFB Highline’s Right Swipe: rum, cilantro simple syrup, and a Darjeeling-hibiscus tea from Owl’s Brew
  •  1022 South J’s Hot Spiced Toddy: bulleit rye, allspice dram, honey, black tea,  and lemon
  • Emmanuelle’s Filibuster: Jamaica rum, 5 year Demerara Rum, Swedish Punsch, spice curacao, allspice Dram, raw sugar, and cold-brewed coffee.
  •  Geraldine’s The Scarlet Carson: Tanqueray gin infused with jasmine and rose petal tea, Campari, lillet blanc, grapefruit, and honey syrup

Hot tip: want to cut down on prep time? Try tea concentrates and cold-brewed javas! Happy mixing!