New Trends in Coffee

Mar 28, 2023

Coffee is a constant. Not only are coffee shops a staple in almost every city, but the customers of these coffee shops are getting younger and younger. People of all ages and in all places love coffee.

But it’s not just the coffee itself. People love the personalization and customization that coffee offers. In just one cup of coffee, you can choose the beans, the way it’s brewed, the additional flavors and add-ons, the temperature, and even the type of milk. And that’s why people love coffee. You can craft each cup to your specific tastes.

Those options also bring new trends. Each year coffee producers and sellers are looking to offer something completely new and different. Those trends can and do drive purchase traffic, but they also allow new ideas and people to thrive. And 2023 is no different.

New Coffee Flavor Additions

Many people enjoy a few pumps of a flavored syrup in their coffee, but some of the newest flavor additions are more natural than that. This year, a new trend is adding olive oil to your morning cup of joe.

Starbucks is spearheading a new health trend by adding olive oil to its drink menu. It’s currently only offered in some European markets, but the idea isn’t all that new. In fact, olive oil-infused coffee drinks are an homage to Italian culture. Starbucks is calling this new drink, “Oleato” and describes it as their coffee that is infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil which is velvety smooth and deliciously lush.

Plus, it offers a few health benefits as well. There isn’t any scientific literature on olive oil-infused coffee specifically, but coffee and olive oil can negatively and positively affect your health.

For those considering this new infusion trend, adding olive oil is meant to change the taste and texture of the coffee. Even just one tablespoon of olive oil helps boost the drink’s viscosity and adds in a richer texture.

olive oil

Celebrities in Coffee

Celebrity coffee brands aren’t new. In fact, celebrities have been getting into the caffeine game for years. And some celebrity coffee brands are a little surprising – Ralph Lauren, Hugh Jackman, Rob Zombie, Aerosmith, and even Martha Stewart all have their own coffee brands.

Now in 2023, there is a new celebrity making big waves in coffee. Snoop Dogg is launching his own coffee brand, INDOxyz, later this year. But Snoop might have a leg up on all his other famous coffee counterparts. Snoop uses his experience and knowledge of Indonesian culture and foods to inspire his coffee productions. The difference in the type of bean, harvesting, and roasting practices could shake up the market this year.

Coffee is Going Automated

Another big trend is in automation. With the staffing crisis still wreaking havoc on coffee shops everywhere, some companies are turning to machines. This trend aims to minimize the need for human workers to man more inventory and front-of-house matters. Customers are encouraged to preorder or use QR codes to initiate orders.

This trend can significantly impact coffee shops culture, but only time will tell.

Iced Coffee is Still Winning

Iced coffee is a big crowd-pleaser and has been for nearly a decade. But this year, it’s all about flash-brewed coffee.

Flash-brewed coffee takes freshly brewed coffee and chills it quickly. This means that the coffee tastes richer and fresher. The “old” method of brewing iced coffee was to make a large batch of drip coffee and then put it in a refrigerator to cool over time or use a concentrate. Both processes meant the iced coffee could taste a bit stale. Flash-brewed coffee offers the great taste of a hot cup of coffee but is a little cooler.

For many, coffee is a staple. It’s one of the first things people grab when they wake up in the morning, and people want that coffee to be perfect. These new trends offer just that – a good cup of coffee with nearly unlimited customization options. Which one will you try this year?

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