Meet and Exceed Guest Satisfaction with the Right Restaurant Ambiance

Dec 20, 2021

By Shane O’Brien – Culinary Consultant


Restaurant life and hospitality are a lifestyle. Dedication and integrity are the strategies. Ambiance and experience are the tactics. In the coming year, as an operator, it is as vital as ever to lead with the narrative of; not simply “meeting” the guests’ expectations but rather exceeding them.

Once viewed as a symbol of status, providing an extravagant and opulent meal or experience is a holdover from Feudal times. Similarly, modern-day customers also want and expect more.

In short, your restaurant’s ambiance can be a critical driver in maximizing revenue.

A well-maintained restaurant allures guests.

A user-friendly digital experience is soothing and promotes loyalty with your customers.

Friendly and aware staff establishes trust and comfort with guests.

Current consumer trends bode well for added attention to this element. As reported by Nations Restaurant News, ambiance is not a dead language: “Top-performing brands in limited-service had ‘ambiance’ net sentiment that was 11 points more positive than the rest.”

Webster’s dictionary defines ambiance as ‘a feeling or mood associated with a particular place, person, or thing.’

How often do you put yourself in the seat of your restaurant as a guest and truly and honestly examine that experience?

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Some chefs have been known to audit their restaurants thoroughly. They will dine anonymously at their own establishment and fully digest and process the “reality” of their guests’ experience.

This exercise is a meaningful tool to witness the unfortunate missteps and can be used as an opportunity to grow.

Another tool is creating and implementing daily checklists geared towards maintaining your space and keeping your staff focused on the first line of “defense,” your ambiance.

Synergy Sync and Synergy U include many tools and services that can support operators in implementing checklists and systematizing procedures to help you maintain that ambiance once created.  Contact us, we would love to schedule a demo with you today!