Restaurant Ambiance: Getting it Right for the Holidays

Nov 09, 2021

Those in the restaurant industry know that many variables at play determine if a restaurant will be successful. From marketing, demand within the local area, food, service, and management, many details work together to create one of the most important aspects of a dining experience: atmosphere.

In fact, the restaurant’s ambiance can be an essential contributing factor to the restaurant’s success and long-term profitability.

restaurant mood


While it may seem like an abstract concept, the atmosphere of a restaurant sets the stage.  It can even enhance the overall dining experience. Details like lighting, music, spacing, table settings, colors, and artwork all work together to create a cozy, intimate, even romantic feel.

No matter how busy your restaurant might get, the ambiance can still create a magical experience.

Creating a Lovely Ambiance

Truly talented chefs and restauranteurs know that eating is both a cerebral and physical activity. As humans, our eating incorporates more than just the food itself. Our minds and senses observe and breathe in the scents, colors, and movement around us.


As much as pleasant artwork, music, and table settings can add to our culinary experience, so can harsh and unpleasant lighting, tension, colors, and noises. It’s no wonder that truly successful restaurants also have many thoughtful details to complement the food itself.


Many customers look forward to the festive, cozy, magical atmosphere that only comes once a year during the holidays.


Still, no matter how beautiful your thoughtful décor may be, nothing can sour a night out more than a lousy encounter between the customer and your staff. Your team is also instrumental in layering and enhancing your restaurant’s ambiance.

The Importance of Spacing

Space and interior decoration are consummate companions. No one likes to sit too close together, especially during COVID. As the pandemic continues to shape our world, lives, and safety protocols, it’s likely that people will continue to want a good amount of space between them and other guests.

restaurant ambiance

Restaurant managers like their customers to have a nice view of the restaurant, which is part of the ambiance. This is why spacing tends to be more important than one might think.


However, no one wants to turn customers away when there are open tables. Keeping a finely tuned balance between capacity and spacing is part of what makes any restaurant busy and successful.

How Your Atmosphere Impacts Your Success

Research has shown that top performers in the restaurant industry established themselves by investing in the restaurant experience.


For example, restaurants with a thriving ambiance performed better than those that failed to provide the service and atmosphere that guests expected.


In other words, consider holiday décor, music, scents, and colors that go hand-in-hand with your restaurant’s menu and personality. Every restaurant and customer base is different. What works for one may not look right in yours. By understanding your restaurant’s voice and brand, you can play with it and truly craft a unique dining experience.