5 tips for a Greener Restaurant

Feb 15, 2013

Want to contribute to a better environment, save money and feel good about your restaurant? If so (now why wouldn’t you?), then we’ve got two words for you: go green! We understand that as a restaurant operator, it’s a challenge to balance daily operations, customer satisfaction and bottom line profits, so we’ve gathered up a few good tips that won’t break the bank and are very easy to implement.

energy efficient hand dryer | Image by Mr. T in DC

5 Tips for a Greener Restaurant

  1. Install high-efficiency pre-rinse spray valves– save on water and reduce energy costs when it comes to washing dishes
  2. Use individual utensil and napkin dispensers – guests won’t accidentally take more than they need! That equals less waste!
  3. Recycle – this one’s almost a no-brainer!
  4. Invest in green take-out packaging like the one used at Sauce Restaurants
  5. Install an energy-efficient hand dryer in your restaurant’s restroom


While there are many more ways to go green at your restaurant, these are just a few tips that can help you get started. If you have any questions about going green, getting LEED certified, or how to reduce your overhead utilizing efficient practices, contact Synergy Restaurant Consultants.