20 June

How Energy Efficient is your Restaurant Kitchen?

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If you’re in the restaurant business, you understand how much energy is used in your kitchen — from ovens, grills, and stoves to freezers and refrigerators, the kitchen is most certainly a huge cost-center for overhead. How energy efficient do you think your kitchen is? Did you know that with a few simple additions and changes, you can save a lot of money and even time in your kitchen?  In turn, you can realize more profits and higher guest satisfaction due to quicker service!


Here is a list of some energy efficient products that you can replace in your kitchen.


  • High-efficiency (low flow) pre-rinse spray valves: save water and increase performance with this simple devices. Flexible and powerful, washing / rinsing dishes is made easy with these valves and you actually also reduce gas and energy required to heat hot water
  • Boilerless / connectionless steamer
  • Energy Star qualified griddle: according to EnergyStar’s website, “each ENERGY STAR qualified electric griddle can save businesses 2,270 kWh annually, or an average of $230/year on utility bills. Each ENERGY STAR qualified gas griddle can save 15 MBtu annually, or an average of $170/year on utility bills.”


Did you  know that you may also receive rebates for purchasing some of these energy efficient products? And don’t forget that energy efficiency can extend outside of the kitchen, too! Consider installing energy efficient lighting and cooling systems in your restaurant.

Pre-rinse spray valves

If you’d like more information about how to achieve an energy efficient restaurant kitchen or even on how to become a Certified Green Restaurant®, contact Synergy Consultants for a free initial evaluation.