Waste Saver Tip for Restaurants: Utensils

Feb 07, 2013

As restaurant operators, it sure is a lot to juggle the day-to-day operations, customer satisfaction, quality control and bottom line profits. Sometimes, however, small changes can make a huge difference.


It’s not a surprise that “waste” is a buzz-word in the restaurant industry. If you think about that word, most would associate the word “food” with it. But looking at the bigger picture, there many facets that contribute to waste that effectively can eat into profits. This includes anything from food, water, energy and supplies.


Reduce Waste Now at the Self-Serve Counter


fork-dispenserIn previous blog posts, we’ve written about reducing waste by composting, recycling and even how to reduce napkin waste. In today’s piece, we’re talking forks! If you want to reduce inventory usage by your customers, installing a utensil dispenser like the Dixie SmartStock, may be a good idea.

Devices such as these have a small lever that a guest would simple push in order to retrieve a fork, for example. The genius in the design is that it only dispenses one fork at at time. Since it is encased in a close container, it’s more sanitary since guests cannot directly touch them (or worse, sneeze on them!) with unclean hands. Also, because of the vertical standing design, less counterspace is used as compared to traditional open-bin plastic cutlery containers.


How do you reduce waste at your restaurant? Share you techniques!