Why Online Restaurant Training is Important

Jan 05, 2021

During these unprecedented times, health has been a number one priority for all. The world itself has changed and now the terms like “social distancing,” “masks,” “wash your hands” and “zoom” are part of our daily vernacular.  It’s not surprising, then, that the restaurant industry has been in a flurry trying to keep up with stringent guidelines that are constantly evolving. Keeping a close ear to local and governmental mandates and pivoting to meet customer demands has been what 2020 was all about and so too will it in 2021 for those operating restaurants.


While more and more people are thankfully getting vaccinated, the pandemic is still certainly not over yet. This time, it’s important to learn from the past and use those skills we’ve acquired to establish a better year. As we mentioned, new habits have been formed across the world as we all cope with COVID. It is quite amazing how much we can do from our own computers as we transition from the physical board meetings in business offices, to virtual zoom meetings in our living rooms. We have grown accustomed to this kind of work and that doesn’t exclude those in the hospitality industry either. With proper staff training being evermore crucial, elearning is an effective and convenient way to educate your restaurant employees on best practices and company procedures.


According to the 2019 TalentLMS Survey regarding employee training in the food and beverage industry, 70% of employees receive zero customer service training–yikes! However, when asked about training, 61.5% said that training enhanced their overall professional performance. This demonstrates that employees need training and when they do get it, they feel they are benefitting. Training in every related aspect of a job is important, so nothing–including customer service–should be left out!


Remote training restaurant staff
Training your staff with Synergy Sync remote courses


Synergy has cultivated decades worth of restaurant industry knowledge to provide restaurant operators an easy-to-use restaurant training platform. The beauty of it is it can be conducted anywhere you or your staff are as it is cloud-based! Synergy Sync is a low cost subscription with a per location monthly fee, that ensures you can train any new staff or refresh staff training at any time and create consistent systems across all sites. The per employee cost for Synergy Sync training is as low as .20 per day! This online course covers best practices in every area where you need your team to succeed!

If you’d like to take your team to the next level and be a more effective operation, please reach out to us for a free virtual tour of Synergy Sync.