Building Staff Loyalty, Engagement and Retention through Training

Nov 30, 2020

With the restaurant turnover rate at an estimated 75%, what can restaurant owners and managers do to combat this staggering statistic? One critical solution is to prioritize onboarding and training.


According to Investopedia, hiring an hourly employee can cost close to $3500 when factoring in the entire hiring process. So throwing a new employee into a job with the expectation that they will learn as they go isn’t going to cut it.  There are higher expectations for training and, if implemented consistently, a greater return on your hiring investment.


With Millennials making up a large percentage of those working in the restaurant industry, it’s essential to identify what they want out of their jobs. 55% seek workplaces that value staff development through training and mentoring. An article from Toast outlined the importance of providing your restaurant staff with consistent, skills-based training to help them grow as people and professionals.


With a heavy influence on technology, Millennials have grown up with and have seen how it can support their development and growth. Traditional book or paper-based training alone may seem outdated since many Millennials are used to online or app-based learning. However, according to Toasts’ 2019 Restaurant Success Report, only 19% of restaurant employers offer online training to new hires. YouTube and Google are where Millennials often look for information, so it’s important to incorporate video into your restaurant training to keep it more interesting. We all know how tied to our phones we are, so instead of forbidding phone usage completely, consider app-based training for learning on the go that can be done on a phone or tablet. If you’re not using online or app-based training, you are missing an opportunity for more quality engagement and a deeper understanding of your restaurant.


Many obstacles prevent restaurant operators from implementing robust training programs, including time, money, and resources, plus the added challenges of keeping your training program accessible and engaging for your team. However, a well-trained workforce saves your restaurant time and money, and it also increases profitability in several ways, including:


  • Increased Retention: with a focus on quality training, employees often feel valued and likely will be more loyal to your restaurant.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: with comprehensive training, your employees are better equipped to upsell effectively and deliver consistent customer service which is critical to retaining your customers.
  • Team-Building: training creates accountability, ownership and a sense of responsibility among your staff. This can lead to greater respect among employees. Cross-training also helps to build a dedicated team of well-rounded staff who will be ready to take up any tasks when needed.
  • Overall Operations Improvements: when everyone is well trained and understands your processes thoroughly, the entire operation is streamlined. Restaurant training ensures that everyone is on the same page and eliminates confusion and mistakes.


Restaurant customer service training
Customer Service Training


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