What People Want from their Restaurant Employer

Apr 27, 2021

There are 15.1 million restaurant workers in the United States — about 10% of the U.S. workforce. These individuals are hard working, dedicated people who do their best for their customers and their employers everyday… but are they getting the best in return?


Restaurant owners could boost employee morale, see greater productivity, and reduce turnover if they take the time to find out what employees need for success during their shifts. What do restaurant employees want? Let’s start with these top four.

Flexible Schedules

According to a survey of over 1,600 American restaurant workers, about 64% of employees cite “flexible schedules” as a benefit of the job. Restaurant workers like the freedom their jobs provide for them to pursue higher education, take care of their families, or even take up a hobby or side hustle. If you work with your employees to provide them the schedules they need, they’ll be more likely to give you 100% once they’re clocked in!


what do staff want?


Fair Wages

Many people still think of restaurant workers as teenagers looking to earn some pocket money. However, that simply isn’t the case; the average American restaurant server is 29 years old, and the average line cook working today is over 40. These workers need wages that can support themselves and their families — not pocket money for a weekend at the movies. Giving your employees fair wages will help inspire better service and employee loyalty.

A Supportive Staff

Employees across every industry want to have a boss that supports them, but this is especially important in the world of food service. Irate customers, lunchtime rushes, and countless other stressors can make restaurant work incredibly draining. If workers know they can turn to their managers for support and compassion (particularly if they are dealing with an illness, family emergency, or mental health crisis), they will be more likely to feel satisfied in their work.

Proper Restaurant Training

Finally, restaurant employees want to have the tools they need to succeed. The food service industry has lots of rules and regulations — and employees need to know what they’re doing if you expect them to do it well. The best thing any restaurant owner can do for his or her employees is invest in their training, because this will guarantee a competent and confident staff.


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