What Does a Restaurant Operations Consultant Do?

Feb 20, 2024

In an industry commonly viewed as “cut-throat,” the role of a restaurant operations consultant has become increasingly vital for a foodservice operation’s survival and growth. These professionals serve as trusted advisors, bringing specialized expertise and insight to help restaurant owners and managers navigate the complexities of running a successful establishment. From conducting comprehensive assessments to identifying areas for improvement, developing strategic plans, and providing ongoing support, restaurant operations consultants play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, profitability, and overall performance.


A restaurant consultant is crucial to your restaurant’s success in 2024 for several reasons:

  • In 2023, restaurateurs saw a slight improvement in staffing shortages compared to previous years, with 18% reporting no shortages, a significant increase from 2022. However, most operators (82%) still faced shortages, albeit fewer than before.
  • Costs are cutting into profits as the National Restaurant Association’s 2024 State of the Restaurant Industry report found that 38% of operators said their restaurants were not profitable last year. 98% of operators said higher labor costs are an issue for their restaurant, and 97% cited higher food costs.
  • The What’s in Store for 2024 whitepaper from Technomic says that in 2024, due to high prices and sagging consumer confidence, operators are urged to embrace technology, innovate their menus and services, ensure continuity in the consumer experience, and capitalize on available ingredients or resources wherever feasible.


Restaurant Operations Consultant Overview

A restaurant operations consultant provides expert advice and assistance to restaurant owners and managers to improve various aspects of their operations. Here’s a breakdown of what they typically do:


Assessment: They conduct a thorough evaluation of the restaurant’s current operations, including its processes, systems, staffing, menu offerings, customer service standards, and financial performance. This assessment often involves observing day-to-day operations, analyzing data, and interviewing key staff members.


Identify Areas for Improvement: Based on their assessment, they identify areas where the restaurant can improve efficiency, profitability, and overall performance. This could include streamlining workflows, optimizing menu offerings, reducing waste, improving customer service training, or implementing new technology solutions.


Developing Strategies and Plans: They work closely with the restaurant management team to develop customized strategies and action plans to address identified issues and achieve specific goals. This may involve recommending changes to operational processes, menu design, pricing strategies, marketing initiatives, or staff training programs.


Implementation Support: They provide support and guidance to implement the recommended changes effectively. This could involve training staff in new procedures, helping to redesign the layout of the restaurant space, assisting with menu development, or providing ongoing coaching and support to ensure successful implementation.


Monitoring and Evaluation: They continuously monitor the restaurant’s performance after implementing changes to assess their effectiveness and adjust as needed. This may involve analyzing financial data, conducting customer surveys, observing operations, and gathering feedback from staff and customers.


A restaurant operations consultant is critical in helping restaurant owners and managers overcome challenges, improve efficiency, and achieve long-term success in a competitive industry. Their guidance and expertise, empower restaurants to overcome challenges, adapt to changing market dynamics, and ultimately achieve long-term success in an ever-evolving industry.


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