Staffing Issue or Training Issue?

Oct 27, 2021

By Gregg Luther – Business Development Consultant

The driving force behind everything we do is to help you and your team understand your business, your position, how to teach, empower, follow up, exceed expectations, and why you need to engage in the things we teach.

Our mission is to help independent restaurant owners and their businesses reach their full potential.

How do we live our mission? We provide a catalog of services, based on decades of experience, both online and in-person, designed to let you choose the level of service and support you need to achieve your goals and work on your business instead of in it.

Restaurant Online Training and Operating Systems

Our online training programs provide digital video training and skills assessments and can be purchased separately or as a complete package and work across any smartphone, PC, or tablet. Available in English and Spanish.

Synergy SYNC: A comprehensive online training for all hourly positions, systems, procedures, and best practices. SYNC is more than a loaded training platform; it’s a complete restaurant management system.

  • Improve communication with your team – You’ll have the power to send instant notifications to individuals, groups, locations, and regions.
  • Deliver comprehensive team training – Quickly deliver training courses, videos, and announcements to your team. Then, track your staff’s progress, measure their success, and help them improve.
  • Add your own training modules – Make it your own or edit the existing materials. Select a template, add an image, and upload supporting documents and videos.
  • Transparency tools – No more grading skills assessments; you’ll always be up to date on everyone’s progress, knowing who’s doing what and how well they’re doing it.
  • Digital checklists – Customizable checklists for managers and hourly positions, line checks, HACCP temperature control, audits, anything you keep on a clipboard can now be stored digitally and quickly accessed.
  • Resource library – SYNC is packed with job descriptions, hiring guides, and standard operating procedures.
  • HR toolbox – Professional classes on sexual harassment, workplace bullying, and Food Safety certifications and documentation.




Synergy University Restaurant Manager Certification:  The individual SynergyU certification is a masterclass certification created by subject-matter experts in restaurant management principles that leverages 33+ years of best practices via online, video-based training and skills assessments.

From understanding your P&L, designing a profitable menu to resolving guest issues, and crafting great interviews, it would take you years of working with multiple managers with differing skill sets to learn and understand these universal best practices and industry insights.

Hands-on Implementation and Executive Coaching

SYNC Live: An objective concept assessment can discover potential efficiencies, cost savings, and operations and procedures improvements. We send in our training experts to develop and implement the turnaround plan with your team and teach you how to execute best practices. We’ll provide all the tools and systems needed to be successful and give strategies to organize better and simplify your business, reduce turnover, improve customer service, drive sales and profitability.

The on-site evaluation of all aspects of your business; operating systems, training, review of menu offerings, and food and beverage delivers detailed recommendations for improvement with a short-and long-term action plan to achieve results.

We develop the turnaround plan with your team and teach your team how to execute best practices. We’ll provide all the tools and systems needed to be successful and give strategies to organize better and simplify your business, reduce turnover, improve customer service, drive sales and profitability.

Executive Coaching: Synergy’s highly specialized restaurant professionals have proven track records, with each one of our extraordinary team boasting decades of experience in their field. Synergy has experts in every corner of the restaurant industry. Whatever the cause, Synergy has your executive coach.

Our Purpose

Synergy Restaurant Consultants can help you systematize, standardize, and optimize your business. Sync programs deliver the right level of support for your business needs and the proper steps for every function and every position in your restaurant.

All this for one purpose: to create great work and life experiences for our clients and their teams to create great experiences for their guests. Comprehensive and quality training is the key to addressing your staffing issues.

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