The Ultimate Guide to 2021 Holiday Parties

Oct 28, 2021

By Monica ChallingsworthOff-Premise & Catering Consultant

After what has seemed like an eternity, we are all ready to celebrate being back together! Thankfully we have the next few months to plan a safe and memorable holiday party. Early planning will be the key to a successful 2021 event. To make your holiday planning safe, manageable, and fun, we have compiled our favorite list of ideas for in-person and virtual gatherings:


Consider Smaller Events or Breakout Groups

Each of your attendees likely has a different feeling about gathering in person. Consider hosting smaller events to make everyone feel as comfortable and safe as possible. You can offer smaller events per department or create breakout groups in a larger group setting.

You could also gauge your group’s comfort level by sending out a survey before you begin planning. This will allow your attendees to feel heard and better enable you to determine the optimum size and possible breakout groups. Who says you can’t offer an in-person event for those who want it and a virtual one for those who prefer to stay at home or cannot travel?

Think Open, Airy, and Well Ventilated

Who doesn’t love al fresco dining? Even if you are in an area with not-so-perfect weather, you can utilize heaters, large fire pits, and blankets for each guest. However, make sure to communicate before the event so your attendees can properly dress.


holiday outdoors
Outdoor dining

Make sure to kick it up a notch with festive décor. We always recommend a nontraditional route to be considerate of all attendees. A winter wonderland of blues, silver, and white sounds like a cozy and festive way to celebrate each other in 2021!

Skip the Buffet or Family-Style Meals

2021 is the year to experiment with new ways of dining and serving your guests. Consider hors d’oeuvres bento boxes, picnic baskets for 2, opt-in for food and beverage pairings, or individual tapas. Consider smaller bistro tables for four rather than large communal tables. Don’t forget parting gifts of individually wrapped desserts or cookies. A great local LA favorite is Bronte Bakes

Go Green

Sustainability and being environmentally conscious is a social issue that is on the minds of many people. Efforts to go green can easily go hand in hand with precautionary measures to limit the spread of COVID. Opting in for linen napkins and reusable dishware will not only minimize the spread of COVID but will also provide an elevated and green experience to your guests (and limit food waste from the buffet!)


Having in-person events may not be for everyone this year. We understand attendees may not want to sit on another Zoom call, so consider ways to get them out of their home office (or off their couch) and into the kitchen or up and moving around.

Cooking Events

We all love to connect over food, and this year doesn’t have to be any different. With the many available food delivery services – there is a meal and experience for every budget. Calling all amateur food network chefs! Perhaps you send a key ingredient to each attendee and offer a prize for the most unique dish created from that ingredient.

We also understand families have spent a lot more time together these past 19 months, so why not send a meal for 2-4? Our favorite is Lawry’s Prime Rib feasts. These feasts can be an interactive cooking experience with their chef or a do-it-yourself evening. Either way, your guests are sure to love it and have an exceptional meal! You can find more at Lawry’s Prime Rib At Home.


Everyone needs a little more self-care in their life! Give your team an opportunity to learn how to recharge their batteries and reset. Keep in mind, self-care looks different for everyone, so consider offering an assortment of options like a virtual yoga class, candle-making kit, or live meditation session complete with essential oils and an eye mask.

With the amount of time spent on camera, helping your team discover a new skincare regimen is a great way to show your appreciation. Have your team take their custom skin quiz at V10 Plus and send them their custom skincare products to help them feel their best on Zoom!

Dinner and a Movie

Send each one of your team members a code for $40 in DoorDash delivery (or, even better, partner directly with a local restaurant) and include a credit for an at-home movie rental.

take out
You can’t go wrong with at at-home dinner and movie


Gift Exchange

Gift exchange is always a welcomed and fun holiday event! We recommend utilizing the free services of an online secret Santa generator such as Elfster. You could do a pre wine tasting or simply tell everyone to grab their favorite beverage and settle in for a night of opening fun and thoughtful gifts from their coworkers. Elfster has the ability for attendees to load in gift ideas, so no more guessing games!

Whatever you decide to plan this year for your team, whether in person or virtual, it will be welcomed with open arms from your team. We are all ready to be back together and appreciate the ones around us. Need help with your in-house holiday party planning options? Need ideas for hosting safe and festive gatherings or ways to show appreciation to your team and guests? Reach out to Synergy today!