The Social Eating Movement

Jul 10, 2017

When you plan an outing with friends, it’s safe to say that most of the time, a restaurant is involved. A nice little café or dessert spot may do the trick if a full meal is too heavy. Socializing around food is perhaps one of the quintessential communal activities in recorded history. Some even spend their time at eateries as a “third place” to get studying or work done.


Examples of social eateries that offer community, as well as food and drink, can be found throughout history (think saloons). Today, it seems there’s a new revival of this concept.


A recent Restaurant Hospitality article details some new restaurant gathering places that center on socializing. In Atlanta, you can stop by Foundation Social Eatery where you will find a large open kitchen and not a single T.V. screen in sight to encourage conversation among patrons and the chef.  In New York City at Social Drink & Food, customers can mingle with others on the rooftop terrace, or they can relax on beach chairs or play a few rounds of beer pong.


People are looking to restaurants as a means to connect with others and it’s clear this trend is just beginning to grow. If you’re seeking a revitalization of your restaurant or need to find a strategy to turn your spot into a welcoming gathering place, please contact Synergy Consultants.