Training & Education

Improve your operations with expert-created restaurant training

Training and tools to increase your efficiency and lock in your competitive edge.

Maximize the potential of process in your organization and every person on your team by tapping into our real-world foodservice experience and restaurant expertise.

Professional Development Courses

Looking to advance your career or develop your team? We offer a simplified program for professional development with access to our core restaurant training program with a basic toolbox of forms resulting in certification that will improve your career path.

Restaurant Management Training Program

Our integrated restaurant training and operations management platform is a low cost subscription with a per location monthly fee, a format that ensures you can train any new staff or refresh staff training at any time and create consistent systems across all sites.

Virtual Operations Management

The distillation of 30+ years of experience with fixing, developing, and helping to grow over 2000 restaurant businesses, the Synergy Sync Restaurant Operations System is the most practical and actionable guide to running day to day operations ever produced.

Workshops & Webinars

By coming to your location, we can connect with your team on their home turf. Our restaurant training programs and workshops cover proven industry best practices and can also be tailored to address specific business challenges your organization is facing.

Brand Strategy Workshop

Consolidate your message and re-energize your teams by exploring what is special about your brand. A strong brand strategy informs decisions at all levels of your organization and makes you stand out to customers. This full-day executive- and management-level workshop is designed to correct weaknesses in aging brands that have grown stagnant or strengthen existing brands that have launched without a clearly-defined strategy.

Topics and activities include:

  • Positioning statement development
  • Competitive set exploration
  • Understanding the target customer
  • Brand aesthetic brainstorm

Off-Premise Sales Training & Planning Workshop

Empower your service staff to become active profit-generators for your business and generate higher income for themselves. This fun, energizing training session provides contextual background and practical techniques for staff to drive sales.

Topics and activities include:

  • Planning and goal setting
  • LSM tactics
  • 3rd party partners
  • Getting the most out of your catering technology
  • Sales driving tactics
  • Time management