Client Success Stories

Arooga’s Grille House and Sports Bar Sales Optimization


Arooga’s has strong brand recognition in their home market, but franchisees in other regions struggled to replicate the financial success of the company stores.  In a collaboration between a franchisee and the founder, Synergy was asked to identify ways to  increase store sales and brand awareness in the franchise markets to improve AUVs at current locations and to create a corporate structure and strategy that will support the long-term success of the brand.


Synergy completed a holistic assessment of both company stores and franchise locations, including an assessment of the off premise sales program and marketing strategy.  In addition to identifying opportunities to improve execution of the concept, Synergy completed a sales training workshop to

Outcome & Benefits

  • Optimized catering menu with proper menu engineering, updated packages and design elements
  • Created local store marketing program for all Aroogas locations (franchisees and company owned)
  • Created SOPs for catering program
  • Updated custom and non custom packaging suite
  • Streamline and optimize 3rd party menu and partnerships
  • Wrote LSM playbook for all stores
  • Wrote catering training guide and playbook for all stores
  • Provided tools and templates for order taking, guest recovery, best practices and roles/responsibilities.
  • Negotiated lower monthly CRM rates
  • Recommended and assisted in onboarding for new technology to streamline takeout/delivery



  • Local Store Marketing training with all General Managers and leadership team
  • Catering Training with Sales and Marketing team and catering leads
  • CRM Training with all General Managers and catering team