Restaurants: Ideas for a Profitable Mother’s Day

Apr 20, 2023

Across the country, Mother’s Day is a time-honored tradition to celebrate that special woman who makes a big difference in our lives. Each year, mothers and their loved ones classically flock to the brunch spots around their area to spend a day celebrating them. This holiday lends a hand easily to restaurants because all mothers want time, space, good food, and a chance to relax. As a restaurant owner, Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to get creative and make the day memorable for customers, and super profitable for your business.


If it’s specialty foods a family is looking for, try setting a unique pre-fixe menu. Signature foods that your restaurant excels at, wine pairings, and specialty desserts are a great way to go, says Restaurant News. Having a set menu gives customers a way to try out different foods they may not otherwise order, and it gives you a manageable way to serve a fixed list of dishes when the crowds rush in.


It’s no myth that restaurants compete on Mother’s Day to drive in traffic. To help entice customers, make your prices fair. You’ll want mothers and their families in your place on Mother’s Day, of course, but long-term thinking is a good tactic, too. You are creating a dining experience that is tasty yet affordable, so they’ll come back to try more.


One way to get a mom’s attention is to accommodate her children. It’s the reason we’re celebrating her in the first place! Help moms feel comfortable bringing their small children to your restaurant by setting up kids’ menus, and a small entertainment spot to play while the adults order and chat. Making your customers, all of them, feel welcome will drive business on Mother’s Day and long after, says Restaurant News. ToastTab even suggests giving moms a special discount in exchange for an embarrassing photo or story of their beloved children.


Let’s talk about entertainment. While the food is excellent, the prices are fantastic, and the kids are cared for, why not add a little music? Bars and restaurants could attract families by offering live music to their dining experience. If you are a bar owner looking to attract families without children, the answer might be with live music, too, says ToastTab.



Thinking outside the box this year could be your ticket to gaining new customers, says Buzztime, who suggests that making Mother’s Day a two-day event might do the trick. Offer a drink and food menu the night before, maybe calling it “Mother’s Day Eve.” According to the article, moms will enjoy the extra celebration and the chance to spend a night out. Add a “moms only” drink special, a DJ, or even a mom comedian to make it extra entertaining.


Whatever route you take this Mother’s Day at your restaurant, the point is to make moms feel special. Fantastic food, great drinks, fun entertainment, and the feeling of your place as a treat will not only help you on the day but also give families a ton of memories to return to.