14 April

Get Inspired! 5 Great Recipes For Celebrating National Grilled Cheese Month

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Being cheesy is a good thing if you’re talking food! In the world of sandwiches, cheese is the delicious glue that keeps the essential pieces together. Since April is National Grilled Cheese month, all the more reason to celebrate this great food at your restaurant! Get inspired by these great grilled cheese recipes, and don’t forget a great soup to pair it with!


Image credit: Flickr by Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife
Image credit: Flickr by Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife


Lobster grilled cheese – Talk about decadent! This recipe layers lobster, brie, mayonnaise, herbs, and other seasonings to give an adult twist to this classic dish.


Vegan grilled cheese with roasted tomatillo salsa – Don’t forget our vegan and vegetarian customers! Vegan cheese offers the same gooey richness as real cheese; paired with this tomatillo salsa, this sandwich is just as gooey and delicious as the real thing.


Grilled cheese with pulled short ribs and pickled red onions – You can have the best of both worlds, pairing slow-cooked ribs and Bel Paese cheese; elevation to the next level of comfort foods!


Grilled Goat Cheese, Asparagus and Prosciutto Sandwiches – Using goat milk cheese instead cow’s milk cheese lowers both fat and calories in the sandwich without skimping on taste. This Whole Foods recipe features whole grain bread, asparagus, goat cheese spread, and prosciutto. Each servings clocks in just 300 calories and 12 total grams of fat.


Grilled ham and gouda sandwiches with frisée and caramelized onions – Ham is to cheese as peanut butter is to jelly — a perfect duo! This simple recipe is a definite keeper if you’re a fan of smoked ham and gouda!

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