26 August
Restaurant AI

If you believe AI (artificial intelligence) is limited to just the tech and health sectors, think again! AI has made its mark in the hospitality industry in major ways. Case in point: TGI Fridays—the popular, 53-year-old franchise has recently reported a doubling of... continue reading

7 February

Synergy Rides the Bucatini Trend to Steam Plant

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Blog

If you thought a plate of spaghetti had nothing new to offer, it’s time to get acquainted with bucatini, spaghetti’s beefier cousin. Besides being thicker and offering a more pleasing chew, bucatini boasts a thin hollow space inside which allows sauces to permeate... continue reading

17 November

Superfoods Make Their Way Onto Menus

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Blog, restaurant trends
Superfood Menu

In our “better-for-you” food blog series, we touched on what superfoods are and how you can implement them into your menu. Today, we examine this in action as we survey restaurants that offer superfoods to their patrons to try out.   Our food discoveries take... continue reading