4 Restaurant Training Best Practices You Need To Enhance Now

Feb 24, 2022

The restaurant industry is a thriving enterprise, but it is known for its high turnover rates. The best way to combat such high turnover is through solid restaurant training practices. Not only is training necessary, but it must also be followed up with a commitment to further training.

Training shows a mutual commitment between new hires or existing staff and the restaurant. When managers invest in teaching their team critical skills to excel at their job, workers often feel more compelled to stay.

Some restaurant training best practices to improve your operations include:


Set Clear Expectations Through Orientation

A high turnover rate is considered normal for the foodservice industry, but constantly hiring and training new staff can be time-consuming, costly, and demoralizing to existing staff. One of the most crucial restaurant training practices you can employ is ensuring each new employee is a good fit.

Orientation allows new hires to understand what is expected from the front of the house, back of the house, guests, and more. You can go a long way towards retaining staff by being thorough staff training.

The orientation training process allows managers to set clear expectations for their staff, reducing confusion with new hires and creating a safe environment where workers can excel.


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Build Strong Relationships Between Staff and Management

One of the best training practices any restaurant can invest in lies in the relations between staff and management. Positive communication and connections often result in higher retention and smoother operations.

Employees are more likely to feel happier and supported in an environment that values and respects them. Treating your staff as valued members of a close-knit team makes you more likely to have fewer turnovers and a strong team.

Implement Ongoing Training

All managers want their staff to be fully equipped to perform their jobs successfully. Often, this means continuing education with ongoing training. Employees who have gained crucial skills feel more confident about their job performance, work better as a team, and are often more loyal to the company.

Training your staff does not end at orientation. Restaurant managers should constantly be observing their staff and operations to see how they can improve efficiency and satisfaction.


Train Your Staff on Updated Restaurant Technology

Restaurant technology has advanced dramatically, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic required many restaurants to adapt to shifting regulations. Many restaurants rely on electronic systems for placing orders, making payments, scheduling shifts, and more. However, investing in technology alone won’t ensure success.  It’s equally important that your entire staff is fully trained to handle any request.

The best way to train is through demonstration since manuals can be difficult to navigate. Have your staff train during downtimes by sending and voiding mock orders, filing checks, printing receipts, accepting coupons, etc. Restaurant operations should run smoother than ever once your staff is comfortable with new technology.

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