Start Smart and Finish Strong: Restaurant Optimization

Jul 21, 2017

As we dive into the second half of the year, it is important to consider adopting new food, labor and menu optimization strategies that deliver RESULTS before 2018 approaches.


Restaurant Optimization is a process of carefully looking at all areas of one’s operational activities including, BOH and FOH Labor, Productivity, Production Systems, Complexity, Throughput, and Service Standards. Also examining processes and behaviors that have become inefficient, unproductive, and unprofitable – which no longer serve anyone’s best interest.


We view time and effort as money and if you do what you’ve always done you will continue to achieve the same results. Eliminating actions that do not grow, expand, or are no longer relevant, should be viewed as toxic, inefficient and should be changed.


At Synergy Consultants we measure success by RESULTS. Here are a few examples of IMPRESSIVE OPTIMIZATION RESULTS.

WOW!! What an extraordinary turnaround for the first 4 months. When we look at YOY at the end of April we went from ($120,400) in 2016 to $125,000 in 2017. That is a $245,000 turnaround. Stellar work to all! Biggest contributors to this turnaround are sales, labor, cogs and your great management!


This multi-million high-end restaurant was losing money. Within four months, Synergy successfully eliminated over 300 hours of kitchen labor, as well as improved productivity, throughput, and overall execution. Moreover, we changed the menu mix and the restaurant is now much more profitable.


Now is the perfect time to identify the things that are not working or not producing real results. If you feel that your restaurant isn’t as optimized and efficient as possible, give us a call and we can share innovative ways to improve your financial performance.