Pit Fire Pizza, a “crust you can trust”

Sep 04, 2010

You may remember a couple of months ago when I wrote about Pizza being the “next big thing” in the restaurant industry. Being a native New Yorker and well traveled restaurant consultant, I must admit that there are quite a few things I know about what makes pizza amazing. My partners and I literally travel the nation on our “eating missions” to explore various cuisines from countless restaurants. On my quest to find the best pizza and to hone my pizza palate, I even went as far as spending 6 weeks in Italy starting in Naples (the birthplace of pizza), touring all of Sicily and many of the islands throughout Sardinia.  Needless to say, I have eaten a lot of pizza over the last four decades.

So what makes PitFire pizza so great? Well, it’s a combination of the Ph in the water, they use the right flour and that they cook their pizza in a wood-fired kiln.

If you haven’t noticed, many new pizza concepts are now using solid fuel like charcoal and wood fired pizza. When you hear these terms used to describe pizza, it is referring to the method the pizza is cooked, for example in an oven with burning charcoal or burning wood.

Let’s take a look a new concept I recently visited, Pitfire Artisan Pizza. With a tagline that reads, “the crust you can trust,” I knew I was in for something good. Pitfire Pizza in Los Angeles, bakes their rustic, hand crafted pizzas in wood fire kilns that reaches temperatures of over 900 degrees. And I’ve got to agree, the crust here is amazing! Crispy, fluffy, yet chewey and slightly charred, Pitfire has definitely created a signature memorable pizza crust. Check out the photos:

At Synergy, we believe in the value of perfecting your craft and being known for something special –standing out among the rest. Among many new artisan pizzerias popping up lately, we believe Pitfire has taken on this challenge  quite successfully, ranking very closely to one of my favorite pizza concepts, Mozza Pizzeria. With more and more pizza restaurants concentrating on quality, old-fashioned and authentic techniques and ingredients, the competition is getting fierce!