25 July

Perfect Pizza—it Boils Down To This One Thing

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Brick Oven Pizza

PIs there such thing as a perfect pizza pie? With so many options (Neopolitan, Roman, New York style, Chicago deep dish, etc.) there’s no clear answer! However, when it comes to authentic Italian pizza, there is one thing that positively defines the perfect pie— a crispy, light, and chewy crust complete with charred dark spots.

We can break down how to make perfect dough, but the one variable that makes or breaks a perfect pie is the oven. Sorry home chefs, you’ll be hard-pressed to replicate the delicious crust because as science has it, to achieve the same results, you must have a brick oven.

With a brick oven, the bricks slowly transfer heat to the dough (as compared to a steel oven). This simple nuance provides a largely different outcome because now there’s a balance between cooking—the crust can be cooked at a very high temperature while the pizza toppings cook with the oven’s indirect heat simultaneously.

More about this phenomenon here.

Cooking Tips, Culinary Education, food trends