15 February

Nekter Juice Bar: An Example of Great Brand Messaging

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We got more than we expected from our casual visit to a local Nekter Juice Bar the other day. When you walk into a typical smoothie bar, you’d likely come across a brightly lit space with colorful décor, upbeat music and fruit displayed on countertops.


But if you want to truly send a message – a message about your brand and what you stand for – this doesn’t cut it. At Nekter Juice Bar, they were able to incorporate their brand messaging with their interior design with these wonderful custom artwork pieces.


nekter juice bar nekter juice bar nekter juice bar nekter juice bar nekter juice bar


What’s so neat about these is that each photo proudly features a menu ingredient and touts their health benefits. For example, the apple photo mentions that these fruits are rich in diertary fiber aiding in digestion, helps reduce the development of many cancers and controls weight. Did you know that celery lowers cholesterol and helps migraines?


Not only does the customer feel good about their decision to visit, they are more informed and they get what Nekter is all about.




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