14 April

How to Choose a Restaurant Consultant

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Any qualified restaurant consultant brings experience, credibility and the ability to find information most restaurant owners never access. Consultants can advise restaurant owners on a variety of issues including menu design, concept development, interior spaces, development assistance, financial information services and real estate. Our product, or deliverable, can take the form of a written report or, as is often the case with Synergy, a hands-on approach.


The term “restaurant consultant” is actually a very broad definition encompassing a wide variety of disciplines and areas of expertise. Within Synergy Restaurant Consultants we have experts across the spectrum: real estate, design, litigation, accounting and operations. While the consultant you may need can vary widely, the selection process and client/consultant relationship are very important and quite similar. Whether you select Synergy or one of our competitors, it is important to know how to select the best firm for the problem or project you have in mind.


Once you have determined you need a restaurant consultant, you begin the search process. Here are some basic steps:


  1. Begin a preliminary search. The goal here is to contact different consultants who appear to be qualified to serve your needs. Similar to receiving quotes on products, it is better to identify more than one consultant. One good place to start is talking to restaurant business colleagues for a referral. Discover who they have used in similar situations and if they were satisfied
  2. Pare the group down. Discuss the project with your preliminary search group. Narrow the list down. When you have two left, go to step 3.
  3. Ask for written proposals, company brochures, references and other collateral
  4. Analyze the proposals. Look at each proposal carefully; if you have any questions, ask the consultant to explain them. Check references, also.
  5. Select the best consultant. Based on your analysis, pick the most qualified consultant to perform the project.
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