20 December

December 2011 Newsletter

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

      Greetings! The end of the year is upon us, and that means all the annual wrap-ups, best-of’s and best guesses for next year are being published. With this month’s and next month’s newsletter, we’ll be sharing some of our collective... continue reading

11 December

The holidays are on the menu lately

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

The smells are all too familiar and comforting – cinnamon-seasoned desserts, pumpkin-flavored coffees, and cookies shaped like Santa and snowmen all remind us of the holiday season. Restaurant chains around the globe are showcasing their seasonal menus this time of year... continue reading

21 November

November 2011 Newsletter

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Greetings! Happy November! We can’t be alone in thinking that the whole world’s gone casual. The absence of big-deal upscale-restaurant openings this season is just the latest nail in the coffin of the hushed, formal, jacket-and-tie dining destination. Instead,... continue reading

17 November
Synergy Restaurant Consultants

It is one of the last things that the customer tastes so it needs to be great. The statistics speak for themselves. According to a study conducted by Technomic, regular coffee and tea still account for more reported outside of home consumption (i.e. foodservice settings),... continue reading