Synergy U

Systemize and scale your restaurant, build a self-managing team you’re proud of, and create space to grow your business and live your life!

If you are...

  • An independent restauranteur
  • A restaurant manager
  • An entrepreneur

And you're ready to...

  • Create a systemized, scaleable business
  • Stop reacting and start leading
  • Add structure to your day without having to start from scratch
  • Implement systems that have been developed and tested in over 1,800 restaurants

Then allow us to introduce the Synergy Restaurant Operations System!

The most comprehensive guide to running day-to-day operations ever created!

With concise and actionable video lessons, plus our systems templates, you'll learn:


Restaurant Operations Cycle:

Buy, Store, Manage, Prep, Sell, Account


You will learn the best ways to purchase goods, proper storage strategies, how to never lose money from over or under prepping and strategies to teach the team restaurant accounting basics & how to manage it all


The STAC Framework

Structure, Training, Accountability, Communication


You’ll learn to use a number of tools and execute processes in the most accurate, efficient, economical, and least labor-intensive way. The STAC system is used to create structure, to train for accountability, and to coach and communicate on each phase of the Restaurant Operating Cycle.


Creating Culture

Companies with good corporate culture often have high workplace morale, and highly engaged, productive staff.


Learn how to establish a strong company culture to align your team behind a unified purpose and use that power to implement systems.


Essential Operating Tools


Synergy U gives you the tools you need to run your business effectively and consistently including:

  • Menu Engineering for maximum efficiency and profitability
  • HR Tools
  • Food Costing
  • How to hire the right personalities
  • Recipe Management And More

This System...

  • Is designed for quick reference, easy implementation, and accessibility-- all the systems you need when you need them
  • Is self-paced
  • Contains over 5 hours of video training with quick video lessons on each topic that begins with why and ends with a walkthrough of a specific tool
  • Has Team Skills Assessments, Team Member Timelines for Multiple Positions, and More, ready to use

Also Included: The Manager Certification

A simplified and teachable version of the Synergy Operations System designed to help your managers implement changes and thrive

Your Team will Learn:

  • How to lead change and self manage
  • How a restaurant functions through the Restaurant Operating Cycle from purchasing to accounting
  • What a fully systemized restaurant looks and feels like
  • What it means to be proactive instead of reactive
  • And what their role is in leadership, systems management, and people development

And finally, for no additional charge...

HR Templates for hiring, coaching, and more

18 Job Descriptions from District Manager to Dishwasher

A complete Employee Handbook Template

Food costing guidelines, inventory master log, plating and prep recipe templates

And More!

And here is what will happen for you when you commit to systemizing your restaurant with all of these time tested tools:

  • Increased sales
  • Increased guest satisfaction
  • Increased guest check average
  • Increased employee retention
  • Lower food cost
  • Reduced waste
  • Streamlined business practices
  • You'll have a growth prototype, built on systems, that you can scale!

Meet your instructors

The Synergy Restaurant Consultants Team of Chefs, Designers, Owners, and Operators have been designing systems and helping restaurants grow for over 30 years.

We’ve worked for some big names you might recognize…

And we’ve distilled down everything we know and everything we’ve built to help the Independents like you!

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