Client Success Stories

Kitchen Reengineering for Labor Optimization


Over a decade after the new millennium, the T.G.I. Friday’s brand was again ready to address other areas in need of change. T.G.I. Friday’s contacted Synergy Consultants to help develop a compelling new restaurant kitchen and bar prototype design that was fully optimized and would re-establish the brand’s position with innovative foods and beverages, an improved guest experience, and an updated restaurant design strategy to meet the needs of the evolving guest.


Synergy implemented changes that reduced kitchen labor requirements by thousands of hours year over year in the optimized locations. Additionally, Synergy tested new equipment to introduce further labor efficiencies and to improve execution and ticket times, reducing energy costs by 25 percent. Synergy designed a kitchen around these efficiencies, which was implemented to great success.

Outcome & Benefits

At Synergy we connect your vision with our vast experience and deep knowledge of what it takes to make a restaurant successful. We’ve helped hundreds of start-ups and well-known existing foodservice operations with challenging issues. If it has to do with a restaurant, it’s in our wheelhouse.