Client Success Stories

Huddle House Efficient Kitchen Design


Synergy was asked by the chain to create a new BOH design that would improve throughput and ticket times to allow the new prototype to achieve an increased sales volume without increasing the footprint.


Huddle House serves breakfast all day (which represents 60-65% of sales) and with the convergence of the all-day menu selection, it creates numerous “choke points” that impact productivity, capacity, throughput and flow. The goal of the assignment was to assess all areas of prep, kitchen production, line and ticket flow, expo and dining areas to identify meaningful ways to improve throughput and capacity, with the possibility for new technologies and cooking platforms to support $800.00 per hour during peak ticket times.

Outcome & Benefits

The new prototype, Huddle House’s “Evolution” redesign is outperforming the previous store design by 31.5% in sales, the company says.