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Cicerone, Operations

Meet Mike, your Strategic Intervention Coach with a passion for culinary arts and a flair for creating exceptional hospitality experiences. With over 15 years of operations expertise, Mike’s journey has taken him from managing restaurants for sports legends like Michael Jordan and Mike Ditka to working alongside renowned chef Bill Kim. A true connoisseur, Mike holds a level 2 Cicerone Certification and honed his culinary skills with a Diplome en Cuisine Francoise from l’Ecole des Trois Ponts in France. He found his happy place in the kitchen, where creativity knows no bounds. Driven by a commitment to community support, Mike collaborates with local farmers, brewers, and distillers to elevate menus and beverage lists. He has even piloted popular one-off beer productions, showcasing his innovative spirit. As a Strategic Intervention Coach, Mike’s focus extends beyond the culinary world. He specializes in crafting well-rounded hospitality systems and fostering environments of growth, collaboration, and financial success. Wherever he goes, Mike seeks to inspire learning and create an atmosphere of warmth. Join Mike on a transformative journey towards personal and professional growth. Let his expertise guide you to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential


My last meal would be brown sugar dry-rubbed chicken wings, smoked on cherry and pecan wood in my backyard bullet smoker served with homemade blue cheese dressing and I'd pair them with a Belgian Pale Ale.

“The best part about working for Synergy is having the opportunity to collaboratively engage in critical thinking and creative problem solving with passionate and interesting people across all areas of the industry.”