Meet the Team



Christi brings more than 14 years of marketing experience to the Synergy team. Born and raised in California, Christi has a love for baseball, dogs, sushi rolls and spicy shrimp tacos (okay she loves lots of food as long as she has an eating companion). Christi has spent the last decade helping a small sandwich chain grow from 5 units to 18 and counting serving as their Director of Marketing and Sales. Specializing in integrating new marketing systems and changing the way hospitality is delivered, Christi has a proven track record of developing innovative and unique marketing plans while opening new stores with a bang. With a background in diverse industries, Christi developed her expertise in social media project management, event planning, and brand growth strategies. A passionate, hard-working people lover is the best way to describe this one.


A spicy jalapeno margarita lined with chili salt with spicy pan-roasted jumbo shrimp fajitas and a side of cheese. (because my husband ALWAYS orders fajitas in a Mexican restaurant – So I’d want my last meal to be with him)

“Never short on energy or new ideas working for Synergy keeps things new and exciting. Excited for the opportunity each day to pour heart and soul into new concepts. I watch the sun rise each morning and think how can I make someone’s day special in some way? The world is an adventure and food is at the core of it. I love having a job that is centered around food and people because lets face it… nothing beats enjoying a great meal with friends and family.”