28 October
Bar Trends

By George Barton, Sr. Beverage Consultant.   Let me comment on a few current trends in adult beverage and how to best leverage your teams.  Taking the necessary steps can increase incremental beverage sales and as well separate you from that “sea of sameness”... continue reading

17 October

Champaign, Illinois is now the home for your new favorite “third place.” That’s because we just opened up The Hub, a brand new restaurant and sports bar right in the University of Illinois campus area. The Hub features signature cocktails like their Prickly... continue reading

11 October

Back Bar Excellence

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Blog, Restaurant Management

Your “Beverage Business Card” “Make it work for you” By George Barton, Sr. Beverage Consultant. How many times have you heard that your “beverage business card” can be demonstrated in how you develop and showcase your back bar. The location... continue reading

4 October

By George Barton, Sr. Beverage Consultant.   Music plays a fundamental role in the ambiance of your restaurant and bar environment.  It sets mood, tone and assists in the connections that your honored guest look for when they visit your brand. Music is vitally... continue reading