31 May

Ingredient Spotlight: Verjus

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  Also known as verjuice, verjus is a must-have ingredient in any chef’s arsenal. Literally translated from French as “green juice,” this unfermented acidic juice is made from pressing unripe grapes or apples and is used in cuisines throughout Europe... continue reading

23 May

Keeping Older Menus Fresh

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Blog, Menu Development
Burger King Grilled Dogs

Menus are like sharks—they need to keep moving or die. And among all of the moving parts that make up a restaurant, one of the most important is the need to constantly evolve and keep menus fresh and on-trend to drive frequency.   This is especially true of older,... continue reading

17 May

Playing with Fire

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Blog, restaurant trends
live fire kitchen

There’s been a lot of news lately about chefs with “live-fire” restaurants—concepts that are fueled by wood-fired grills, ovens, rotisseries and more. There’s Rick Bayless in Chicago with his new Lena Brava, which will celebrate the regional cuisine... continue reading

14 May

Ingredient Spotlight: Chermoula

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Blog, food trends

Looking for a unique way to create bold flavors for your dishes? Getting a bit bored of basic salsas and common chutneys? Well, it might be a great idea to take a trip to north Africa to explore unique condiments native to this region.   Luckily, you don’t have... continue reading