20 June

I Dare you! Can you handle these hot wings?

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

  During my recent trip to Chicago, while I was checking out new burger concepts, I was also investigating wings.  I had heard that Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap had the best and hottest wings anywhere in the country. Of course, this was something I needed to confirm!... continue reading

19 June
Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Wet Floors in Restaurants:  How Wet is Too Wet? According to a major insurance carrier 65% of all lost employee work days are due to slip-and-fall injuries.  Of injuries our guests sustain, those who fall, sometimes on a liquid spill no larger than the size of a... continue reading

17 June

Buns, Burgers and Beyond

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

What’s more pleasing than a mouthwatering burger with all the fixings? When you think about it, hamburgers are truly timeless and have become an American culinary icon for decades. Burgers are so popular that most Americans need only drive 5 minutes to the nearest burger... continue reading