Setting the Sustainable Table

Mar 28, 2022

By Shane O’BrienCulinary Consultant

It is easy for our minds to wander to thoughts of eternity and endlessness when thinking about our vast oceans. The creatures that swim deep within the cerulean abyss can seemingly be unlimited. But this is not the case.

Take, for instance, the delicious Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. This marine prize has commanded upwards of $1.75 million for a single fish.  Clearly, tuna is a highly valuable commercial prospect.

It is a fact that Bluefin populations have declined steadily due to overfishing and illegal fishing. So much so that the Atlantic Bluefin currently has the unfortunate distinction of “endangered.” Meaning at serious risk of becoming extinct in the wild.

Enjoying seafood is not a human phenomenon likely to go away or reduce anytime soon.

Opportunities are forever flowing within the sprawling mystique of our oceans. Shellfish, bivalves, and seaweed are like the mushrooms of the ocean; they don’t require fertilizer, feed, or freshwater. Additionally, seaweed makes its own food through the fascinating process of photosynthesis.

To quote Phil Curver at Eco-Business, “Unlike all other forms of marine aquaculture, commercially grown bivalve shellfish have been identified as the only sustainable form of aquaculture that has no negative impact on the environment.”


seafood sustainability


“You are the music while the music lasts.” T.S. Eliot

When it comes to thinking about the billions of humans that need to be fed and the continuing threat to the food supply, having a sustainable option for creatively solving the looming conflict over human consumption is not something unremarkable.

Clearly, your restaurant needs to manage its expenses, and selling only oysters and mussels might not be enough. However, perhaps letting your diners know that every oyster they eat is giving life to the invisible hand of sustainability isn’t such a bad idea.

Sustainability is broad in concept, and it can be challenging to manage its nuances regarding your existing offerings. Whether you need support re-thinking your seafood program to find sustainable alternatives or need a tailor-made seafood program, Synergy will dive in and help ensure your values align with your profits.