28 June

Synergy Top Money-Saving Tips

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Synergy's Top Money-Saving Tips

“Jigger all bar drinks to stop over-pouring and ensure that drinks are consistent. If you don’t like jiggers, then make sure to use speed pourers and pour test all the bartenders on a regular basis.”

  • Mike Walls, Operations & Beverages

“Teach your back-of-house staff how to properly utilize available portion tools to reduce food waste and labor hours. Staff should always be given proper instruction and training on kitchen tools and equipment during onboarding and station training.”

  • Natasha Reta, Culinary & Operations

“Assign front-of-house side work and cleaning tasks at the beginning of each shift. Team members will finish much more quickly if they can start as soon as business winds down. Assign tasks like folding napkins and rolling silverware to host staff to do before and after the rush.”

  • Rita Imerson, Operations & Training

“Cross-train all back-of-house staff on as many kitchen positions as possible. With our ever-tightening labor market, gone are the days of the specialist except for certain high-skill tasks like butchery. If everyone on the team can jump in and handle any station, you can best utilize all your staffing resources.”

  • Anne Haerle, Culinary & Concept Development
Blog, Culinary Education, restaurant efficiency, Restaurant Management