27 August

Keeping Your Brand Fresh: 3 Things to Do

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Emily Callaghan, Concept Development & Communications


At Synergy, we like to say that restaurants should refresh their interiors every seven to 10 years to remain clean, fresh and relevant, but what about a restaurant’s overall brand? Do changing times require revamped logos, collateral (business cards, packaging, menus) and website refreshes?  They do indeed.

Synergy has come a long way from the brand it was more than 26 years ago, founded by two passionate chefs with a desire to help brands big and small hone operations and establish standardized efficiencies, particularly in the back-of-the-house.

Since then, Synergy has grown to be so much more, now offering clients turnkey solutions to their greatest restaurant challenges. Architecture, interior design and kitchen design? We’ve got it. Branding and marketing? You bet. Menu development? It’s still a strong suite, after all these years. And behind these areas of expertise are the Synergy experts themselves.

To better reflect where Synergy is today, we’ve updated and relaunched our website. This change more accurately encapsulates what Synergy can do for restaurant operators, private equity firms, developers and entrepreneurs, also painting a picture of whom you’ll be working with when choosing Synergy. At last, we’re showing the world who we are today.

Now, I ask, is your restaurant sending the right message? Here are relatively straightforward tactical changes to consider.

  1. Website: Restaurant websites are far more simple than B2B websites, and updating yours needn’t be an enormous undertaking. These days, there are both free and inexpensive templates. Also make sure your design is responsive on mobile and tablet, as restaurantgoers often use their devices to research restaurants.
  1. Brand Style Guide: Create a document that outlines your custom logos, font families, color schemes and guidelines for usage to maintain consistency of your brand across your website, print materials (this includes your menu) and even uniforms.
  1. Social Media & Review Platforms: Is your logo updated and consistent across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like? Is your information up-to-date? Don’t be a restaurant that posts an outdated menu or even incorrect basics like hours of operation or address (yes, this happens).

As we’ve just gone through this ourselves, we’re here to help you, too.

Enjoy the new site, and a more complete picture of the Synergy brand—and good luck showing the world yours.

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