What are the Benefits of Self-Service POS Systems?

Jan 13, 2015

It’s no surprise that our culture is becoming increasingly more digital, especially the Millennial crowd. Restaurant operators are taking note and some are introducing self-service POS (point of sale) systems, allowing guests to order and pay for their meals using a device like a touch screen tablet or kiosk.

A recent study conducted by restaurant technology research group, Software Advice, showed that most consumers prefer this kind of technology in casual restaurants, especially for customizing orders (more on this here: Preferred Features of Self-Service POS Systems IndustryView | 2014).

What are the advantages of having self-service POS? Here are just a few:

  • Acts as an assistant to your server so he or she can fully focus on guest satisfaction
  • Promotes increased consumer spending
  • Can showcase images and details of menu items
  • Improves customer experience by reducing ordering wait time
  • Eases order and payment customization (customizing order, splitting bill, tipping)
  • Showcases specials and discounts

It’s important to note that not every restaurant may benefit from this kind of technology. The features of your self-service POS should be carefully tailored to your restaurant and target market. If you’re seeking professional assistance with implementing this technology into your restaurant, please contact Synergy.